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Founded in 1993 by industry professionals Harry Peralta and Bill Thiem, Globe Regal Yachting has firmly established its presence at the forefront of the international yacht brokerage and chartering industry. The pair were joined by veteran yacht broker and now business partner James Bland in 2008.

Globe Regal's brokers are the core to its success; the team is always mobile, maintaining consistent face-to-face contact with their clients in the Americas, Europe and the Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East, continually inspecting vessels in order to be 

able to project a thorough firsthand knowledge and accurate personal understanding of the yachts they have to offer as well as accumulating a substantial and reliable database of detailed technical information and professional photographic stock on all the craft they visit.

This rich relationship with their customers has paid off; nearly three-quarters of their clients regularly deal with and through Globe Regal again, and in certain cases in excess of ten occasions.

The firm specialises in the larger sector of the yacht brokerage industry and new build markets. However, Globe Regal's constantly updated fleet consists of a wide collection of vessel lengths available to clients and industry colleagues for enquiry at any given moment.

Globe Regal’s active presence on the international markets has lead to recent additions to the team in St. Petersburg, Düsseldorf, Newport RI, Milano, Monaco and Dubai.

Bill Thiem

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