GHOST 105 GWP345 Unveiled

105 metre project Ghost designed for a client of Globe Regal is now out for tender at several select shipyards

Designed by the team at Alexander McDiarmid Design, with interiors by JULIANA of London and Maritime Aviation is advising on the integration of safe and efficient helicopter operations and hangarage for the project.

Thirty years ago, in the summer of 1992, the legendary Destriero made history by crossing the Atlantic in record time, securing the Blue Riband. This remarkable feat serves as the inspiration for our innovative concept, which pays homage to Destriero’s unmatched performance. While we don’t aim to replicate the record-breaking yacht, we are dedicated to honouring its exceptional engineering, long-range capability, and sustainable high speed. Drawing from the Ghost G250 platform, we have explored the potential for a more efficient high-speed propulsion solution, coupled with heightened levels of circularity and sustainability. This approach encapsulates our commitment to advancing yacht engineering while upholding the spirit of the original legendary vessel.

Continuing our exciting partnership with Ghost Yachts has led to the creation of the waive piercer project, boasting a sophisticated yet powerful exterior design with a distinct and modern style showcased in her profile.

“The GWP is the concept that we simply had to do. We explored the limits of what’s possible with today’s technology and construction methods without sacrificing comfort and practicality.”  Björn Moonen, Ghost Yachts, The Netherlands 

This project stands out from the crowd right from the beginning, featuring a hard chine V, wave-piercing hull, and a reverse bow, similar to the flagship Ghost Yachts G250, 80m project. The lightweight, low-drag aluminum hull combined with a carbon fibre reinforced superstructure not only ensures fuel efficiency and high top-speed but also maintains sharp handling and stability.

We’ve created a truly original yacht design that embodies the legendary Industrial Designer Dieter Rams’ ‘Ten Principles for Good Design.’ The result? A hauntingly beautiful and distinct modern style that sets this yacht apart.

The GWP-345 is the result of a collaborative effort by passionate individuals dedicated to yacht design. It embodies design excellence, starting with a completely reimagined and highly adaptable General Arrangement/GA layout, advanced hull naval architecture, and stunning overall styling from bow to stern. The exterior design draws inspiration from the sleek and angular aesthetic of modern naval frigates and warships, resulting in a striking yet harmoniously balanced yacht.