SARANDE – Marina Limion



The Limion Marina in Saranda, nestled in the picturesque southernmost city of Albania, offers a strategic location for yacht enthusiasts. With its pristine beaches, rich historical landmarks, and a captivating blend of Greek and Albanian culture, Saranda provides a unique and vibrant backdrop for yachting adventures. The marina’s prime position near the Ionian Sea grants convenient access to neighbouring gems like Corfu, just 12 miles away, making it the perfect gateway for yacht owners to embark on Mediterranean exploration.


The Limion Marina in Saranda is a perfect blend of ancient history and contemporary luxury. Surrounded by cultural sites dating back to the Greek and Roman periods, the marina offers a unique experience. With the latest marine technology and modern architecture, the area is set to include in the very near future modern villas and apartments as well as top notch hotel and resorts, all boasting spectacular views of the sea and the nearby Greek Islands.


Saranda Marina offers exceptional infrastructure to cater to its clientele. With a capacity for up to 146 yachts between 10 and  70 meters in length and a draft of up to 9.0 meters, it ensures ample space for yachting enthusiasts. The marina provides comprehensive berthing facilities, including electricity, water, and Wi-Fi, to meet the diverse needs of its guests. In addition, a wide array of services is available, ranging from 24/7 security and weather forecasting to maintenance, repair, laundry, waste management, fuelling station, and concierge services, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all visitors.


The development of Saranda Marina is a recent project in the historically quaint fishing village of Saranda. Over the past few decades, Saranda has become a hot spot for tourism, prompting the need for a top-notch marina to cater to international yachters. What’s impressive is that the marina was built while preserving the city’s charm, creating a seamless fusion of the old and the new.


In 2023, Marina Limion provided “tax-free” bunkering services to over 1800 yachts, positioning itself as an ideal stop for yachts cruising the Greek Islands of Corfu and its surroundings. The strategic location also allows larger yachts to efficiently refuel for the entire season, offering an economical advantage.

  • Delivery by truck
  • Maximum flow rate up to 1000 litre/minute / connection
  • Draft up to 9 m
  • Port fees may apply
  • Shell lubricants available upon request


Unveiling the Surging Yacht Visits: Exploring the Country’s Allure and Yachting Infrastructure!

Albania may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of superyacht destinations, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. Its close proximity to Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, and Italy, combined with its untouched natural beauty, has earned it the title of the next Montenegro. Recently, renowned superyachts such as sailing yacht A, Pelorus, Tango, Zeus, and Queen K have all made a stop in Albania, showcasing the country’s growing appeal to yachting enthusiasts.

The islands’ proximity enables guests to choose a pick-up point outside of the EEC waters, leading to potential tax savings during a charter holiday.


Engaging an agent is necessary to handle all the paperwork for your clearance in and out of the country.For clearing in, you will need to provide the yacht registry, insurance, crew/guest list, and passports.

Once the formalities are complete, yachts can anchor along the coast.

Anchoring or berthing within port limits is permitted after obtaining permission and following the instructions of the Harbour Master. Upon arrival in the designated port area, contact VHF channel 11 for instructions on anchoring or to be directed to a berth.


Presently, there is no cruising tax payable upon entry to Albania.


Marına Bay Town Saranda, will be set on 205,418 sqm, situated in a tranquil and secluded peninsula with dramatic landscape of particular beauty that provides an ideal setting for a premier (5*) resort complex.


The Marına Bay Town Saranda project is a mixed-use, prime resort project comprising the development of:

  • 279 rooms hotel;
  • 674 units to be constructed.
  • Beach club and restaurant (catering for the hotel visitors’ needs)


with apartments, restaurants and an amazing five star hotel cascading down the west facing hill to the beach promenade.

ARAMERAS SOUTH BAY RESORT—A new beachfront development with villas, apartments and a five star waterfront hotel.

apartment community with a central pedestrian street leading down to the sea,and entrance piazzas with shops and restaurants,which references old hill villages with unsurpassed sea views.

ARAMERAS GATEWAY VILLAGE—An apartment development at the entrance to the site with a lovely colourful landscape character.

HILLSIDE VILLAS—A wide variety of contemporary villas stepping down the landscaped hillside immersed in the ecology.

For full information on the real estate development, please contact us.