The initial concept of MIA 63 was so well-received by the public and customers that Massimo Franchini made the decision to prioritize enhancing this first line before developing the hard-top and sport-fly versions. This led to the creation of the innovative wraparound windshield solution, providing protection from wind and sea during offshore sailing in all conditions. Additionally, the stowage spaces and technical compartments below deck were expanded, allowing families or groups of friends to spend extended periods on board, both at sea and in port or at anchor. This upgrade also increased autonomy and performance, thanks to the new VOLVO IPS 1350 engines, capable of safely and comfortably propelling the boat to speeds approaching 40 knots.

In a nutshell, what initially began as a playful challenge for the renowned Franchini Shipyard, known worldwide for its timeless and understated design, is now evolving, under the expert guidance of its visionary creator, into a versatile all-around vessel.

MIA T-Top All-Around: the ultimate identification code for this groundbreaking version, set to redefine the future of the iconic Italian shipyard and beyond!

In this new model under construction, we’ve taken the wider and cleaner deck to a whole new level. Emphasizing the stern-bow paths in a pure “Walk around” style, you can effortlessly navigate every point of the boat without any obstacles. The forward cockpit has been generously enlarged and reinforced, the Hard top has been extended aft, and the spaces serving the galley and wheelhouse have been meticulously designed to be even more functional and ergonomic.

The MIA T-TOP All around brings a refreshing change with its redesigned windshield. While preserving the open and liberating essence of Mediterranean boats, it now offers enhanced protection and safety akin to closed boats. This innovative feature significantly expands the potential for using the MIA T-TOP All around, making every voyage a secure and versatile experience.