Ready for summer 2024

A crossover yacht where spaces and functions unite in large, open spaces closely in contact with the sea

Introducing the stunning SX100 from Sanlorenzo – a one-of-a-kind crossover yacht that continues to amaze, offering endless design possibilities. This extraordinary vessel seamlessly blends spacious, open areas with a strong connection to the sea, inspiring a multitude of design options.

The new project, with its concept and exterior lines crafted by the Zuccon International Project studio, and custom-made interiors designed by Piero Lissoni for the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival, seamlessly integrates into the SX range. It introduces further optimization of on-board content, enhancing the overall experience.


For more than six decades, Sanlorenzo has been dedicated to creating custom motor yachts that reflect the unique style and requirements of their owners. Every Sanlorenzo yacht undergoes a meticulous 5-stage customization process, prioritizing the careful consideration of the owner’s preferences. By focusing on understanding our customers’ needs, we can meticulously design a tailored project that encompasses personalized spaces based on their vision. This project encompasses the specification of the number, size, and configuration of cabins, as well as the incorporation of specialized areas dedicated to fulfilling the customer’s individual desires for entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyment.


We believe in tailoring each boat to match our customers’ unique lifestyles, tastes, and habits. We understand that their homes often reflect their personal style, serving as a great inspiration for their ideal floating home. That’s why we collaborate with top international designers who specialize in translating our clients’ individual styles into stunning boat interiors. These experts are dedicated to creating customized interior design projects, offering tailored solutions that perfectly suit our clients’ needs and preferences.

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

(Leonardo da Vinci)


Nothing about our yachts is standard – our unwavering commitment to quality and safety sets the industry benchmark. It’s not just about luxury and premium materials; it’s about the meticulous handcrafted production that ensures each customer’s vision seamlessly comes to life. Our team of top artisans, renowned for their dedication and expertise, meticulously tailor each Sanlorenzo boat to the owner’s unique specifications, akin to a bespoke suit. With a proud tradition dating back to 1958, our quality process, overseen by highly skilled professionals, remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring every detail is perfected.


Owning a Sanlorenzo means you have the exciting opportunity to personally select the materials used in crafting your yacht. From the cladding and covering materials to the exquisite marble slabs and the type of wood used, every detail is yours to customize, allowing you to truly express your unique personality. Sanlorenzo’s Interior Design Department is dedicated to guiding you through every step of this process, ensuring that you have the support you need to choose the perfect furnishings, furniture, and supplies for your yacht’s interior.


Crafting a Sanlorenzo boat is a meticulous and intricate art, breathing life into something as exceptional as each of our clients. Our yachts are unparalleled, transcending trends, and tailored to our clients’ desires. More than stunning vessels, they embody our clients’ individual style and character, offering a canvas for their elegance and exclusivity. Each Sanlorenzo motor yacht is a masterpiece, with its own captivating narrative; let it weave your story.