By an exclusive agreement Globe Regal Yachting are able to offer special discounted rates to larger yachts planning to visit the area of Gaeta during this 2024 season.
Substantial discounts on published rates for both short and long stays available for selected yacht between 50 and 80 metres.

Established in 1966 by the visionary Egeo Vittorio Simeone, Base Nautica Flavio Gioia (BNFG) was founded with the foresight to recognize the Gulf of Gaeta as a prime location for recreational boating in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea.BNFG is strategically positioned as a tourist port, centrally located with convenient access to the Pontine and Parthenopean islands. It is also equidistant from Rome and Naples, both of which are home to international airports. The marina is impeccably equipped with docks providing a full range of services and boasting depths of 7 meters, capable of accommodating vessels up to 80 meters in length. Notably, the marina features a dedicated pier for Super Yachts, complete with 20-ton mooring dead bodies, ensuring secure anchorage points. Additionally, BNFG offers a nautical yard spanning 7,000 square meters, exclusively dedicated to the Shipyard & Refit sector, making it a comprehensive and reliable destination for yacht maintenance and refurbishment.


BNFG is protected by the Sant’Antonio dock on the north-east side and from east to west by the hill of Monte Orlando. It has berth places for boats up to 220 ft length, with sea bottom of 22 ft deep.

The dock dedicated to super yachts features mooring posts made of concrete, suitably shaped to optimize the seal on the muddy bottom. Safe anchorage points are guaranteed.

The super yacht dock is equipped with a video surveillance system and is exclusively reserved for guests and crews.
Car parking is located a few meters distance from the catwalks.

The port is equipped with a petrol and diesel fuel distribution system. Bunker service of national and  sif products supply available upon request.

Our concierge is at your service to provide immediate and customized solutions to the highest standards of excellence.
Through the support of our network of selected commercial partners we can advise you and lead you to discover our territory and its excellences.
We grant efficiency, quality and timing to make our guest experience pleasurable and flawless since the first mooring.

– diving assistance for keel inspection and cleaning
– waste oils disposal
– wastewater withdrawal and disposal
– batteries collection and disposal
– dock spot filters rental