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LONTANO 80 Series Conversion Project

An Explorer yacht is, by its nature, the non-plus ultra expression of travelling and living by the sea.

LONTANO is the ultimate Explorer yacht, designed to navigate through all sea conditions in safety, comfort and luxury. LONTANO – that means “far away” in Italian – takes its name from the idea of traveling and exploring the ocean, reflecting a new living dimension

M/Y LONTANOinvestigates the possibility of living on board introducing a new living dimension:

Travelling. The exploration theme is not only the expression of an established trend, but also the translation of a new way of conceiving the yacht life. The 258 ft. yacht was designed on the hull of a Platform Supply Vessel, with a particular reverse bow. Thanks to the conversion of the workboat, all the technical spaces and the crew areas have been kept as in the original layout, sized for long-range navigation. These ships are equipped with all the features and the high standards required of ocean vessels. Obviously, the conversion finds its “raisons d’etre” in the design of large

Explorer yachts, which require the combining of luxury, comfort and functionality. Also, many Explorer on the market are just Explorer style yachts, but they have no real structures and amenities to sail safely the oceans. Through the refitting of the existing areas and the addition of new superstructures and spaces onboard, the original ship was transformed into a real ocean-going expedition superyacht.

There is an increasing trend to move away from mass tourism to reach more remote and isolated areas

The idea of “exclusive” is more and more becoming something unique and extra-ordinary, with an emphasis placed on the experiential theme.

The Explorer yacht is a trend that fully translates these aspects: conceived as a “private island”, this type of boat is capable of navigating for a long time in total comfort and stability. Exploration also becomes an educational and training tool: living Nature on your own skin allows you to know it and build a deep relationship with it.

Behind the project there is an absolute principle associated with modernist architecture, which is that “Form follows function”. This aphorism, enunciated in 1896 by the architect Louis Sullivan, was for over a century the rule of industrial and product design. The main concept was that the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. For this project, it has been converted an existing naval platform into an Explorer yacht, to take all the advantages from its strength and performance. The “shape” of the boat therefore plays a fundamental role in the concept itself, as it is the prerogative necessary for the conditions in which the vehicle is operated to exist.

Length: 89.00 m

Built: 2028

Builder: TBD

Beam: 19.00

Draft: 6.60

Max Speed: 14Knots

Cruising Speed: 12Knots

Guests: 12

Cabins: 8

Crew: 28