Asking price: 52,500,000 €

You might think that the timelessly elegant 90.1-meter NERO has been sailing the seas for centuries, but a closer look reveals a fascinating blend of old and new, as Holly Margerrison uncovers. NERO harbours a treasure trove of secrets. For years, she was home to a plump, ginger stowaway from the Chinese shipyard where she was built. Named Nelson, the cat was a constant companion to the owner onboard, venturing ashore only if guests were not fond of felines. Nelson even had his own chair in the wheelhouse, which he made his scratching post. After futile attempts to replace the armchair, a blanket was resignedly thrown over it.

After undergoing two significant refits over the years, the nostalgic elements of this yacht still peek through – if you have a keen eye. As I sailed along the sparkling coast of Monaco, I had the pleasure of exploring this modern-classic beauty, marvelling at the intricate details that have earned her such admiration.

Hidden behind the door in the owner’s suite lies a symbol of British naval prowess. Sitting proudly atop the highest shelf is a bust of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, after whom the cat in the suite is named. Nelson, a charismatic legend, famously led the British fleet to a historic victory over the formidable French and Spanish fleets in the Battle of Trafalgar.

Explore the compass-embossed marquetry a bit further along the deck, and you’ll stumble upon another delightful gem in Nero’s treasury. Here rests a bust of Lord Byron, a prominent figure linked to the Greek War of Independence and the mastermind behind the 1814 poem, The Corsair. This poem narrates the tale of a daring and relentless pirate, serving as the inspiration behind the name of one of the largest privately owned vessels in the 1930s – the 103-meter classic, Corsair IV, which in turn inspired Nero.These remarkable discoveries, coupled with model yachts that evoke the spirit of historic sea battles, infuse Nero with a rich maritime history that extends beyond her clipper bow, black hull, and iconic yellow funnel. Initially, British entrepreneur Neil Taylor aimed to restore a true classic, but when a suitable donor yacht wasn’t available, he meticulously crafted a replica design of the Corsair IV, previously owned by finance and industry icon JP Morgan in the 1930s.

Taylor immersed himself in the early 20th-century yachting traditions, creating a vessel that exuded the timeless charm of a classic yacht. Throughout Nero, Taylor pays homage to JP Morgan with pervasive intertextual connections. For instance, Corsair Yachts, the yard specifically established by Taylor for his creation, nods to Morgan’s Corsair series of yachts. Additionally, the bust of Nelson honors the financier’s fascination with the naval figure, reflecting his lifelong passion for collecting naval ephemera and memorabilia.

Length: 90,10 m

Built: 2007

Builder: CORSAIR YACHTS Modern Classic

Beam: 12

Draft: 4.90

Max Speed: 17Knots

Cruising Speed: 13.5Knots

Guests: 12

Cabins: 6

Gross Tonnage: 1413

Flag: Cayman Islands m